Medical Screening Senior Couple
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What is a digital medical screening and why do I need It?

Michelle Legge
July 25, 2019
Young Pregnant Woman And Her Husband Enjoying A Sunset On The Beach.
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Travel insurance for pregnancy

Michelle Legge
June 9, 2019
Travel With Kit Do Not Travel Country
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No Go Zone: The Countries We Can’t Insure You For

Michelle Legge
April 21, 2019
Travel with Kit Police Report

How to File a Police Report for a Travel Insurance Claim

Michelle Legge
April 20, 2019
Travel with Kit Pre Departure Guide
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Passport? Luggage tags? Get it all done with our essential pre-departure checklist

Michelle Legge
April 10, 2019
Motorcycle Woman Solo Travel With Kit
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Want to be Loved not Loathed by the Locals? Learn How to be a Respectful Traveller

Michelle Legge
April 1, 2019