We believe in travel for every body

Cover up to 70 years, options for pre-existing medical conditions, extras to suit all types of travellers and cover for every budget.

Whether you’re exploring Australia, backpacking exotic locations or living it up in the world’s top tourism spots, travelling is great for the soul. But things can sometimes go wrong when you least expect it and many Australian travel insurers don’t offer cover options for ages and abilities.

This is where Travel with Kit Insurance can help, offering affordable and flexible protection for all Australians. That means:

Australian residents, travellers up to 70 years old, travellers with medical conditions, children up to 18 years, travellers with a range of budgets, pregnant travellers.

Cover for Aussie residents

Australian’s sure love to explore! Whether it’s across the ditch in New Zealand, a little further afield to our neighbours in Bali and South East Asia, a kangaroo hop to the United Kingdom, an epic voyage to the USA, or anywhere on this amazing planet, one thing is certain, you’re bound to bump into an Aussie. Because we love to go, we’re also at greater risk off running into travel mishaps, like major medical emergencies, expensive trip cancellations and delays, and lost luggage and belongings.

With Travel with Kit, easy and affordably travel insurance is in reach for:

  • Australian Citizens
  • Permanent Residents of Australia
  • A holder of a valid partner/spouse visa or skilled working visa (457 or other skilled working visa)
  • New Zealand citizens – a New Zealand passport holder permanently residing in Australia, who has unrestricted right of entry into Australia.
  • A holder of a current Australian Medicare card (that is not a visitor Medicare card)

Cover for travellers up to 70 years old

Travel with Kit believe in travel for every body, no matter their age. That’s why we’ve gone against the grain to offer saver, basic and comprehensive travel insurance to seniors up to the age of 70.

There is no need to search for a specific ‘seniors travel insurance policy’. Simply select the cover type that best describes your needs, safe in the knowledge that we are able to offer cover to all travellers whether 1 or 70 years old.

Cover for kids

Travel with Kit has the little ones covered for free! On any of our travel insurance policies, your policy covers your financially-dependent children or grandchildren (including fostered or adopted children or grandchildren) up to (but not including) 18 years of age and who are named on your certificate of insurance. Just know, that cover is not available for children who are born, or adopted overseas during your trip.

Cover for all budgets

Travel with Kit offers a travel insurance plan to suit every Australian. From budget-friendly Saver and Basic cover, to our affordable Comprehensive and Domestic cover, compare our travel insurance levels to find the right cover for you.

Cover for 48 pre-existing medical conditions

Not sure if your medical condition is covered by travel insurance or not? We automatically cover a broad range of pre-existing medical conditions. See if yours is on the list.

Unlike many travel insurance companies which make it hard to get insured, if your conditions is not on our approved list of pre-existing medical conditions we can still cover you. Simply contact us to complete a quick and easy assessment and discover how for a few extra dollars you can be covered for claims related to your non-included condition.

Understand your cover

Conditions and exclusions apply to every cover level and optional pack. View our Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for full details. Sub-limits apply. Not sure? Our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch