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Travelling for business? Don’t take off without these 12 work essentials

22 January 2020

Does your next adventure include a business trip? Travelling for work has never been easier, especially when you add these 12 tools of the trade to your business backpack.

Digital nomads have it made. Not only do they get to roam the globe, they get paid while doing it. Whether working remotely, freelancing, or running your own business, the key for every digital nomad is connectivity. Start with these 12 essential services and gadgets and watch your hot desk flourish.

1. Mobile hotspot

Is your Business trip taking you to a remote spot? Don’t let patchy internet hold you back. Instead travel with your own mobile hotspot and load a local data SIM from a quality provider. That way you’re in control of your connection. Plus you’re reducing the need to use public WIFI, thus protecting yourself from cyber fraud.

2. Powerhouse Smartphone

A jacked up mobile phone is essential since it allows you to engage with clients, teams, and employers on the go, obviously! But not so obvious is ensuring you have ample storage to house the many apps you’ll need, from business tools to personal banking. Battery life is another to look for when researching the perfect smartphone – after all, a mobile phone is the working girls modern day work horse, so pick one that’s easy on the juice. A spare battery pack, charging cables and power plug adaptors are your other ticket to ride.

3. Work apps

Working remotely isn’t all laptops-on-a-beach, it takes planning and, most of all, it requires staying in touch with your team and clients, and keeping the work, and invoicing flowing.  A selection of top-rated mobile and desktop apps can do a lot of the heavy lifting, with Slack, Skype, Zoom, Trello, Google Drive, Boomerang, Dropbox, 1Password, Xero and Receipt Bank topping our list of digital nomad must-apps.

4. Solar-powered batteries

Power availability is not always guaranteed. A digital nomad has to have this so that he/she can charge mobile devices to enable them to keep on working even in situations of power outages or unavailability.

5. Wireless mouse

The less cords you have, the better. This is why you need a wireless mouse like the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse which prides itself on its compact size. Just don’t forget your re-chargeable batteries and charger or you’ll be forking out for fresh AA’s every few weeks. Both costly and environmentally unfriendly.

6. Noise cancelling headphone

Being a digital nomad means that you will have to work at busy noisy locations sometimes. To focus on your work, you will need noise canceling headphones. If your budget is tight, you can also use apple buds that work almost as well.

7. Business travel insurance

Did you know you can get travel insurance cover for business trips? Travel with Kit’s Business Pack is an optional extra you can add to your policy. It covers your business gear, equipment hire, emergency courier and staff replacement costs, and more. That’s $2,500 worth of cover for lost or stolen business equipment.

8. Coworking space

Why work alone just because you’re an independent digital nomadess? If you enjoy sharing time and space with other freelancers, or just want a break from noisy cafes, try Workfrom. This directory app provides recommendations on the best co-working spots – including coffee shops and bars – in major cities around the world. As a bonus, Workfrom tracks Wi-Fi speeds so you can discover the café with the fastest connection in your ‘hood if you have a need for speed.

9. Onward flight ticket

Hopping from one place to another on a whim? A one way ticket is all you want, alas most countries will require you to have an onward  or return ticket in hand to prove you won’t get stuck in their country or disobey their visa rules. Enter, a service which  allows you to ‘rent’ a real onward flight ticket for 24 hours for only $10 USD. FlyOnward  purchase an international flight ticket on your behalf just like a regular travel agency would, and then they get a refund for it 24 hours later, giving you enough time to show your papers and board that plane or clear the customs desk.

10. Chargers and adapters

Not being able to plug in and power up is the equivalent of having all the gear and no idea. Hence, country specific power adapters are an essential. Even better is one that can do it all. Being a master of all currents, a worldwide travel adapter can be costly, but it sure will be worth its light weight in gold. A traveller favourite is the Kikkerland Universal Travel Adapter, which offers a slimline design perfect for backpacks and cross-over handbags. One adaptor,  150 countries, sorted. We also love PORS-ELA’S International Travel Power Adapter which includes 2 USB ports for the ultimate in multi-charging.

11. Portable printer

Want to feel like the absolutely boss on your next overseas business trip? don’t leave home without a portable printer. Printers these days are more versatile than ever, with many boasting compact sizes and wireless connectivity. There’s also a class of portable printers that are battery-powered, allowing you to easily take them with you wherever you want to go.  See a round up of top portable printers from PC Mag Australia.

12. VPN

If you’re logging on for work overseas, you’re bound to be accessing sensitive information. A VPN subscription is a must. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a program (or app)  you run on your devices which gives you security and privacy when you surf the internet.

When we’re online, our activity passes through ISP servers. With the right tech tools and know-how, anyone using the same network. This could be thousands of people if you’re connected to public WiFi. Your ISP neighbours can access your data: usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and more.

A VPN however encrypts your traffic before it reaches your ISP, which means that only you and your VPN server can ‘see’ your data. It’s basically a buffer between you and the internet. Wth a VPN activated, you’re able to browse the internet anonymously by connecting through a secure network.

In addition, through the use of a VPN you are able to mask your device’s location and connect via a completely different location. Say you’re in Indonesia and need to access your online bank account, but your activity is viewed as suspicious due to your location? Switch your VPN connection to an Australian ISP  and your problem could well be solved.


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