Photographers: Mike

Photographer: Mike is an Adventure/Travel photographer

9 February 2022

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Tell us about yourself

Adventure/Travel photographer

Why do you travel and photograph your journeys?

To store memories and share the views, sense of adventure, and to express the emotion felt at those places with others.

What is your favourite thing or item to photograph


What’s your go-to travel hack?

Research beforehand, then go with the flow and adapt to changing circumstances at the moment.

Got any gear you can’t travel without?

Camera and packing cubes.

What destination are you eager to go back to?


How do you stay safe when you’re travelling?

Research. Be smart. Be friendly.

What’s the best way to experience a destination like a local?

Look for where the tourists aren’t.

What’s your favourite word in another language?

Na Zdorovie

When and where are you next travelling?

Nederlands, Austria, Italy

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