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Photographer: Jessica is an adventure travel photographer, a Women’s Travel Guide, and Mama to three wild boys.

19 August 2023

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Tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Jessica, Adventure Travel Photographer, Women’s Travel Guide, and Mama to three wild boys. I travel 9 months of the year, always looking for new experiences and beautiful places in the great outdoors.

Why do you travel and photograph your journeys?

I believe life should be experienced fully, through new places and different experiences. I genuinely LOVE capturing those moments with my camera, it’s a great way to share my journey and relive it whenever I want.

What is your favourite thing or item to photograph?

I a big fan of “big places, tiny people”, capturing photos of people in amazing outdoor spaces.

What’s your go-to travel hack?

Travel light!! The less you bring the more you can keep it safe and enjoy the experience instead of worrying about “stuff”.

Got any gear you can’t travel without?

My coffee creamer! I have brought my hazelnut coffeemate coffee creamer along with me to many countries, and it’s always a source of amusement for anyone traveling with me. But I need my coffee the way I like it!

What destination are you eager to go back to?

I recently backpacked the Italian Dolomites and it knocked my socks off. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

How do you stay safe when you’re travelling?

I’ve found a rest bitch face (RBF) (*or sense of confidence if you are going PG*) works wonders in not getting taken advantage of while travelling. If you look like you know what you’re doing, you’re less likely to be bothered.

What’s the best way to experience a destination like a local one?

Get lost!! On a recent trip to Venice the crowds were insane in the main areas, but one short turn off the main streets and you found yourself in these beautiful, empty side streets. More beautiful than any of those bucket list “big name” spots.

What’s your favourite word in another language?

Raðljóst:: enough light to find your way by

When and where are you next travelling?

I’m headed to Iceland to see the volcano erupting!

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