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Photographer: Janice born in England but grew up in Rhode Island, United States.

6 April 2023

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Tell us about yourself

I was born in England but grew up in Rhode Island, United States. I lived in Germany twice as a former Army Wife and traveled all over Europe and the United States and now get itchy feet if I don’t travel. Last year I made the jump and retired early, sold my house and most of my belongings, bought an RV as my Florida base, and started living my dream life of traveling the world with my partner, George, and focusing on my passion for travel photography. In the fall, we spent 2 1/2 months in Portugal with side trips to Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. In May we will be spending 2 months in Italy, and next winter we’ll be heading to Thailand and Vietnam. I’m so excited to be free to follow my dreams!!

Why do you travel and photograph your journeys?

There is nothing that gets my heart beating faster than planning a trip and then getting to experience all of the places, people, and culture of the places I’ve read about. I’ve always loved to photograph everything so I could relive the trip and those joyful feelings long after I returned to everyday life. With Instagram and Facebook, I have found I can share my photos and bring that joy to others, whether they see the photos and relive their own travels or whether they have never traveled at all and can experience the places vicariously through my photos. 💕

What is your favourite thing or item to photograph?

I love taking photos of historical sites, especially amazing architecture that has been standing for hundreds or even thousands of years. It amazes me to think about who has walked where I am walking and how different their lives were through the centuries. It’s why I’m fascinated especially by Europe and it’s history.

What’s your go-to travel hack?

My travel hack is to go simple and light with your camera and equipment. It’s no use buying lots of heavy equipment if you aren’t going to want to carry it around as you travel. Buy the best camera you can afford that you will be willing to carry with you when you are walking miles up and down hills or hundreds of steps in your quest to see what site or view is around that next corner.

Got any gear you can’t travel without?

Extra batteries and chargers!

What destination are you eager to go back to?

I have been to Italy four times but have barely scratched the surface of all its wonderful historical and scenic sites. I’m so excited about going back to slow travel and really living la vita dulce.

How do you stay safe when you’re travelling?

In Europe, I feel pretty safe but mostly concentrate on not getting pickpocketed. My passport. Money and credit cards are all kept in a flat moneybelt tucked under my clothes where pick pocketers can’t access and my phone and camera are always in my hand or in a safe place

What’s the best way to experience a destination like a local one?

Make sure you get away from the tourist sites. Walk a couple of streets away from them to shop and eat where the locals do, visit towns that tours don’t stop at, and stay at an apartment instead of a hotel.

What’s your favourite word in another language?

I like all the compound words in German like Christkindlmarkt (love the Christmas Markets!). And I’ve always liked to say the word kugelschreiber (pen). Lol

When and where are you next travelling?

Italy!!!! Early May to the end of June and Southeast Asia next winter!!

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