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We’re Creative Technologists Making Travel Insurance Better for all Australians

The Travel With Kit team has been bitten by the travel bug good and proper. You’ll find half of us on the other side of the world right now, while those of us in Australia are spread out across the NSW coast. Thanks to the internet, and amazing apps like Trello and Slack, we’ve perfected the art of working remotely as a team. From what we can tell, our approach to work, like our approach to travel insurance, is quite different from that of the big brands. That’s why we’ve built an online travel insurance product that we’re proud to use ourselves.

Winner's Medal - Travel with Jane

Built for all Australian travellers

We think all Australians deserve a travel insurance product that puts them first, no matter their budget or travel style. That’s we’ve created Travel with Kit, a travel insurance product that’s easily tailored to suit all travellers.

Easy Technology

Travel with Kit is digital to the core. We understand online service and are all about getting things done quickly from any device. If it can’t be booked from a phone, we don’t want to know about it. We’re also about customer service that suits you, which is why we can be reached in just about every way imaginable…just short of fax.

Safety and Support

We’re excited about travel and do it as much as we can. We totally get the space you’re in and genuinely want to help make each trip amazing. Like you, we’re all about the fun of travel, but we’re just as serious about personal safety. That’s why Travel with Kit insurance is powered by trusted underwriters and global medical assistance specialists.