Will travel insurance cover a scooter or moped claim?

17 February 2020

Renting a scooter or motorbike to jet around Bali or Italy might sound like the ultimate holiday fantasy. The reality is, accidents are all too common, and the associated medical costs can turn fantasies into nightmares. So what’s the answer? Only hire if you meet these conditions.

According to Smartraveller, motorcycle accidents involving Aussies adventurers are all too common in South-East Asia, where scooter or moped hire is seen as an everyday, normal thing to do.

If you end up in hospital from a motorcycle or scooter crash or fall, most travel insurers are unlikely to cover your medical costs unless you meet very specific conditions.

To be eligible for a scooter or motorcycle claim you need to:

  • Have a valid Australian motorcycle license
  • The motorcycle or scooter’s cylinder capacity (cc) must be less than the maximum cc’s stated in your policy disclosure statement
  • You must be wearing a helmet
  • If you are a passenger, the driver must have a valid licence in the country you are in, and you need to wear a helmet

If you’re the rider

So when is it safe to hire a scooter or motorcycle overseas? Provided you’re not doing anything completely silly, or driving under influence, Travel with Kit travel insurance will cover motorcycle related medical costs if you meet these rules:

  • You have a current Australian motorcycle license, or one valid for the country you’re travelling in, allowing you to drive the same cc powered bike.
  • You were wearing a helmet.
  • If you had a passenger on board, your Australian license no longer counts. In this case, you’re only covered if you’re carrying a valid license for the country you’re in.

If you’re the passenger

To be eligible to claim after injuring yourself in a scooter accident, the rider needs to hold the correct licence. If they do not hold a motorcycle licence, valid for the country you’re in, then you’re not covered either.

If the driver was adequately licenced, you’re in a better position. But we need to know that you were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

If you’re going to do it, remember to check carefully that you have the right licence type, that you wear a helmet, and that you don’t drive while under the influence, or while engaging is other risky behaviours. If you’re ever unsure you can also chat to our team and we’ll sort you out.

Other scooter safety tips

Smartraveller recommends that travellers wear helmets at a minimum, preferably full-face. But other protective clothing is also recommended when riding motorcycles, scooters and mopeds in order to minimise the risk of serious injury.

Just like in Australian, thongs and singlets are not going to give you much protection should you come off your bike.

Photo by Dio Alif Utomo from Pexels

Understand your cover

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